Wikipedia Services: Wikipedia Page Creation & Wikipedia Content Writing

The Importance of Wikipedia

In the digital age, having a strong online presence is vital for individuals, businesses, and organisations. One platform that stands out for its authority and credibility is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a renowned online encyclopedia that holds immense authority and credibility. It is often one of the top search results in search engines, making it an excellent platform to showcase your expertise and gain recognition.

Understanding our Wikipedia Services Process

Though it make look pretty Straight forward, As the 7th most visited Website in the World, Wikipedia has a very structured and rigorous process for all Articles to be published.

  • Wikipedia has 4 tiered hierarchy – System Admins, Administrators, Reviewers & Editors.
  • There are 906 Administrators at this stage – Skrrt Marketing is connected to 4 of them. If an Administrator stops a page, your Name gets flagged and you will never be able to go live on Wikipedia.
  • We endeavour to get the article approval straight at the ADMIN level so that the reviewers and Editors don’t block it.
  • Even if your page is published today, it can be flagged in the Future and still be pulled down.

Our Process

  • It Starts with your submitting the Brand details and Article you want to be published in Wikipedia. (if you don’t have an Article we will need to get one developed from Scratch on additional Payment to be adjusted if Brand is approved) 
  • This is shared with Wikipedia Admins for their approval.
  • If your Article meets with the Guidelines we will move ahead with the Project.
  • If your Article is not approved. We will drop the Project as there is no appeal process.
  • If it is approved you need to release the first instalment of the payment to get started.
  • Your Article would in this case be written / rewritten as the case may be.
  • It takes between 2-4 Weeks per page.
  • Once written we share the copy with you once for your approval and upon receipt of approval we would share it with Wikipedia.
  • Once approved it is taken live.
  • You will need to release the balance payment at this stage.
  • The ADMINS would protect your page from reviewers and editors for the next 90 days.
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