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We help Business level up their Marketing and scale up

80% of all Sales are digitally Influenced today..

but.. Over 50% of all money spent on Digital platforms is wasted.

Is your Business wasting 50% of its Marketing Budget

After having audited 1000’s of Online Businesses we know what we are talking about.  9 times out of 10 businesses are targeting the wrong audience. Understand this. 

There are 75.9 Crores Indians online now
over 95%  would not be your Target Audience.

When you reach the wrong audience not only are you not getting the results but you are also not helping build your Brand. 

Digital today has become a Mass Medium, that is why you need specialists who know what they are talking about and can help you navigate this complex Digital landscape and chart your Growth Story.

Services to grow your Sales

Our Sales focussed Services are designed to help you scale up your Business.

We understand the importance of having a strong Middle and Bottom of the Funnel and the Sales focussed services do just that. 

E-Commerce Marketing

Specially Tailored towards growing your E-Commerce sales


Google PPC

Target the right customers with Commercial intent to shortne lead to Conversion.


Search Engine Optimization

Climb up the Search engine rankings and leverage the free traffic to increase traffic.


Paid META Services

Unlock Social Commerce with our expertise in Facebook and Instagram paid marketing.

Services to grow your Brand

Our Brand focussed Services are designed to help you establish your Brand.

A Strong Brand recall ensures that your Top of the Funnel is always Populated and people have a strong Brand Awareness

Online Reputation Management

Your Online reputation matters today in a Digitally connected world.


Digital Brand Building

How Strong a Brand is Digitally today is the difference between success & Failure.


Social Media Strategy

A tailored Social Media Strategy for your Brand ensures that people percieve you right.


Influencer Marketing

The right Influencers can help accelerate your Growth in the Digital World. We connect you with the right ones.


Get on the First Page of Google​

There are 40,000 searches per second or 24 Lac searches per minute on Google in India. Add to this the fact that less than 25% Traffic goes to the second page, If you are not on the first page your Business is missing out on Revenue.
With our Accelerated SEO process we guarantee you a Spot on the First page of Google

Client Speak

As a Hotel we have always relied on B2B & Online Channels, but Vishal showed us that there was D2C to be Unlocked for our Hotel. He helped us get Direct Weddings and an Increased Food and Beverage Sale.
Ashwani Nayar
General Manager - Crowne Plaza Greater Noida
We are a Traditional Manufacturing Business and using the accelerated SEO service from Skrrt Marketing for the past 10 years, we are on first page of Google & have seen an Increase in Queries from different corners of India.
Veshal Gupta
Owner - Hitech Products pvt. Ltd

Our Commitment

At Skrrt Marketing we keep things Simple. If we are not able to grow your Sales & Brand in 90 Days we will work for free till the agreed ROAS has been achieved. No Excuses. That’s our Commitment.

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Dominate Google Search

Let us help you Dominate the Google Search results. We bring you on the First page of Google in multiple Geographies for multiple Products.