What can Social Commerce do for your Hotel?

Are you Connecting with the Next Gen Travellers?

Millenials a.k.a Digital Natives have different preferences when it comes to travelling. Being Digital Natives they shaped the 1st generation of Digital travellers and led to advent of some of the tech we take for granted and as Hotels we adopted to their needs and preferneces. 

But now as the Millenials give way to Gen-Z, the game is set to change again. This generation of travellers who have now entered the work stream engage with Brands on their own terms and have their own preferences. This is the Generation which Hotels today need to target if they wish to remain relevant. 

Where Millenials are Digital Natives, this Generation is Social Media native and are the ones who today have the highest influence on buying decisions. Their Influence extends to 3 generations, Boomers, Gen X, and themselves. They practically help their Grandparents and parents make buying decisions based on the Social Presence and connect with a Brand. 

Are you connected with them? 

Is your messaging resonating with them? 

Social Commerce would help you unlock and connect with this Generation, the effect of which would start translating down to Footfalls for your Hotel and the best part your Social commerce activities would promote #Godirect and put your Brand in front of the Generation which matters the most today. 

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